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Advance Steel course delivery options

Onsite Advance Steel training course

Learn in the comfort of your own workplace, either individually or in small groups of colleagues. Courses are delivered by experienced, qualified instructors on hand to assist individual learners as well as guiding the group through hands on examples and exercises.

Duration: 2 days per level

Virtual Advance Steel training course

Learn with the convenience of remote meeting technology such as Teams or Zoom. With the additional benefit of two screens, the learner can feel involved and watch demonstrations by the trainer on one screen whilst replicating the examples on their own screen to mimic the in-room experience of trainer/delegate interaction.

Duration: 2 days per level

About Advance Steel

Autodesk Advance Steel is a 3D modelling software for steel detailing, fabrication, and construction. It’s used to connect design and fabrication when working in BIM to improve communication between steel engineers, designers, and detailers.

Advance Steel will create working fabrication drawings and lists direct from your 3D model in seconds, slashing the time frame normally used to create manual drawings and BOMs. Advance Steel will run structural analyses, automate design processes, create, and solve complex geometry, and detect and mitigate clashes in preconstruction.

Each level of training takes two (2) days.

Advance Steel course outlines

Advance Steel Introduction

Learn how to model structures in 3D with the Advance Steel interface, which uses AutoCAD with sophisticated tools in the foreground to speed up the connection element design process to include fixings and welds automatically. Learn the process of modelling, numbering, and drawing creation so you can quickly generate the working drawings you need with ease.

Duration: 2 days

  • The user interface and Advance Tool palettes
  • Building grids
  • User co-ordinate systems (UCS)
  • Viewing from different angles and visual styles
  • Advance Steel’s use of layers
  • Drawing beams using the beam tools and manually
  • Cutting and shaping structural elements
  • The Connection Vault for connecting elements
  • Creating and customising straight stairs and handrailing
  • Modelling plates: cutting, folding and shaping
  • Edting connection elements: Bolts, Holes and Weld
  • Generating Bills of Materials automatically; e.g. Bolt and Material lists
  • Using Drawing Styles and Drawing Processes to generate and manipulate fabrication drawings
Advance Steel Next Level

Following on from the Introductory course, this course looks in more depth at the main techniques explored and builds on them to include more customisation of the tools for modelling and drawing creation. Both courses taken together provide a thorough grounding of Advance Steel’s very comprehensive methods of modelling and drawing generation and the user will learn techniques to improve efficiency in their use of the software.

Duration: 2 Days

  • Creating views and sctions on the model
  • The Model Browser and Project Explorer
  • Creating Levels in the model
  • Custom connections
  • Manual welds and drilling
  • Gratings and contours
  • Excluding elements from drawings based on properties
  • Customised title blocks and drawing frames
  • Customised drawing numbers and naming
  • Customised Bills of Materials (BOMs)
  • Extracting data for more specific BOMs
  • Special elements: portal frames, spiral staircases, cage ladders
  • Exporting and importing drawings in different formats
  • Rendering high quality images of models
Advance Steel Bespoke/Tailored

Build your own course by selecting topics from three levels, or adding your own!

Get in touch for more information.