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Microsoft Excel course delivery options

Onsite Microsoft Excel training course

Learn in the comfort of your own workplace, either individually or in small groups of colleagues. Courses are delivered by experienced, qualified instructors on hand to assist individual learners as well as guiding the group through hands on examples and exercises.

Virtual Microsoft Excel training course

Learn with the convenience of remote meeting technology such as Teams or Zoom. With the additional benefit of two screens, the learner can feel involved and watch demonstrations by the trainer on one screen whilst replicating the examples on their own screen to mimic the in-room experience of trainer/delegate interaction.

About Microsoft Excel

Probably the most used, and useful, application used in any organisation today, Excel empowers you to quickly and efficiently analyse data. We’ll show you how to organise large amounts of data, produce professional charts and graphs, perform calculations with speed and with ease.

Each level of training takes one day to complete.

Course outlines

Excel Introduction

Learn how to create Excel spreadsheets in the comfort of your work place on site. We’ll help you to understand how to perform calculations and use Excel’s many built in features. See how to manage references and turn your sheets into robust working tools. Make sheets that look great when on screen and in print. Learn valuable tips and tricks for productivity.

  • Spreadsheet design and formatting
  • Using formulas for calculation
  • Understanding functions
  • Relative vs Absolute references
  • Page setup and Printing
  • Keyboard shortcuts
Excel Intermediate

Learn how to make Excel perform calculations and formatting dependent on what your data says. Discover how to use Excel as a simple database, how add graphs and charts, the secrets of connecting your sheets together and how to organise your workbooks efficiently.

  • IF formulas
  • Conditional formatting
  • VLOOKUP formulas
  • Linking sheets
  • Sorting
  • Filtering
  • Sub totals
  • Pivot tables
  • Named ranges
  • Charts
Excel Advanced

Learn advanced techniques for formulas, include complex logic and error handling in your sheets. Discover how to manipulate text in Excel. Expand your ability process large volumes of data. Learn how to get the most from Excel through customisation.

  • What If features (Goal Seek and Scenarios)
  • Error prevention
  • Text functions
  • Working with large sheets
  • Convert text from one to multiple columns
  • Removing duplicates
  • Macros and Automation
  • Customising ribbons and toolbars
  • Adding macros to custom ribbons
Excel Bespoke / Tailored

Build your own course by selecting topics from three levels, or adding your own!

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