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AutoCAD course delivery options

Onsite AutoCAD training course

Learn in the comfort of your own workplace, either individually or in small groups of colleagues. Courses are delivered by experienced, qualified instructors on hand to assist individual learners as well as guiding the group through hands on examples and exercises.

Duration: 2 days per level

Virtual AutoCAD training course

Learn with the convenience of remote meeting technology such as Teams or Zoom. With the additional benefit of two screens, the learner can feel involved and watch demonstrations by the trainer on one screen whilst replicating the examples on their own screen to mimic the in-room experience of trainer/delegate interaction.

Duration: 2 days per level

About AutoCAD

AutoCAD is the most commonly used desktop CAD draughting application. It’s used across a wide range of industries, by architects, engineers, project managers, graphic designers and many other professionals. AutoCAD LT and Architecture are two variants that are used widely in industry today.

Each level of training takes two (2) days.

AutoCAD course outlines

AutoCAD Introduction

Learn how to create and modify drawings in the comfort of your own work place on site. Create major elements that make up all drawings. Use keyboard shortcuts and commands to speed up drawing production. Create repetitive symbols that can be used in any drawing. Use precision to create perfectly accurate drawings. Learn how to see exactly the areas of the drawings you need. Learn the skills needed to separate elements to be viewed. Measure and show element sizes. Lay out and print drawings with perfect scaling.

 Duration: 2 days

  • Lines, Polylines, Circles and Arcs
  • Layer creation and management
  • Ortho and Snaps
  • Mirror, Copy, Move, Rotate and Scale
  • Trim and Extend
  • Fillet and Chamfer
  • Offset
  • Zoom and Pan
  • Dimensioning and text annotation
  • Layouts and Viewports
  • The Design Centre
  • Printing and scaling
AutoCAD Intermediate

Refresh your skills and build on them with this Intermediate, or improver, course. Learn more in depth actions and commands, make your blocks easier to move, mirror, rotate and scale. Learn more about viewports and layouts and how to speed up the repeatability of drawings with Sheet Sets, layer visibility and more.

Duration: 2 Days

  • Purging Objects
  • Exploding Objects – Dividing and Measuring Objects – Geometry Calculator
  • Block Editor
  • Block Attributes and Parameters
  • Layouts and Views
  • Annotative dimensions
  • Creating Layouts
  • Viewport visibility
  • Layer States
  • Plotting multi layouts
  • Sheet Sets
AutoCAD Advanced (3D)

Building on your 2D knowledge, let us take you to the third dimension with this Advanced AutoCAD course. Using different methods to create 3D solid and mesh models, we will show you the best ways of producing complex finished models and show you how to create good looking drawings containing 2D and 3D views from them.

  • 3D Draughting Tools
  • Sculpturing 3D solids
  • The UCS
  • View your 3D model
  • Visual Styles
  • Rendering
  • Rotate 3D models in real time
  • Interference Checking
  • Keyboard shortcuts
AutoCAD Bespoke/Tailored

Build your own course by selecting topics from three levels, or adding your own!

Get in touch for more information.