Microsoft Word course delivery options

Onsite Microsoft Word training course

Learn in the comfort of your own workplace, either individually or in small groups of colleagues. Courses are delivered by experienced, qualified instructors on hand to assist individual learners as well as guiding the group through hands on examples and exercises.

Duration: 1 day per level

Virtual Microsoft Word training course

Learn with the convenience of remote meeting technology such as Teams or Zoom. With the additional benefit of two screens, the learner can feel involved and watch demonstrations by the trainer on one screen whilst replicating the examples on their own screen to mimic the in-room experience of trainer/delegate interaction.

Duration: 1 day per level

About Microsoft Word

Word is widely used, but not necessarily widely understood! We will show you super-quick ways of creating, editing and formatting your documents so they look the way YOU want, and contain eye-catching content such as title pages and graphics. We’ll also de-mystify the little things that Word does with your alignment and arrangement by showing you super quick shortcuts.

All Microsoft Word training courses are instructor-led at your site or virtual (online) and include course notes and exercises PLUS six months’ post-course support. All courses can be customised to your needs at no extra cost.

Each level of training takes one day.

Microsoft Word course outlines

Word Introduction
Learn how to create efficient Word documents in the comfort of your work place on site. We’ll guide you through the process of creating professional documents with correct alignment, paragraph settings and line spacing. Make documents that look great when on screen and in print. Learn valuable shortcuts, tips and tricks for productivity.


  • Creating new documents
  • Opening existing documents
  • Quick inputting of text items
  • Keyboard shortcuts for productivity
  • Formatting using alignment
  • Formatting fonts
  • Setting page layout and orientation
  • Creating page breaks
  • Viewing non-printing characters
Microsoft Word Intermediate
Improve your existing skills in Word to speed up larger document formatting and alignment. Learn how to quickly amend document alignments and large blocks of text. Make graphics behave the way you want them to! Learn how to control indents, margins and tabs. Use Styles to create repeatable, consistent headings and document parts. Discover how to create a form letter to create a Mail Merge for print or email to multiple recipients.

  • Quick selection methods using mouse and keyboard
  • Inserting and controlling graphics
  • Text wrapping controls
  • Word Styles
  • Using headings to navigate document quickly
  • Creating multi-column documents
  • Mail merge to email or print
  • Creating References eg Tables of Contents or Indexes
  • Multi-level bullets, numbers and combinations of both
Microsoft Word Advanced
Further improve your speed and productivity to quickly manage and update large documents. Use content from pre-existing documents to avoid repetition and duplication. Create macros – the ultimate tool for time saving. Create your own places to store regularly-used commands and custom macros. Use Word’s reviewing tools to keep an eye on and manage changes made in documents by others. Create forms that will allow users to complete them, but not to edit the rest of the document contact.

  • Master and subdocuments
  • Creating Macros
  • Customising ribbon and toolbars
  • Creating custom ribbons and groups
  • Adding macros to custom ribbons
  • Creating and managing Autotext and Fields
  • Tracking changes in documents
  • Accepting and rejecting changes
  • Protecting documents from editing
  • Creating forms for users to complete within Word
Microsoft Word Bespoke / Tailored

Build your own course by selecting topics from three levels, or adding your own!

Get in touch for more information.