ProgeCAD training recommendation from Honda

Following on from recent in house ProgeCAD training at Honda of the UK, I received this recommendation:

‘I am impressed with Anode training’s Wendy, who took me and 5 others from complete novice to competent beginner in ProgeCAD.  The course was well structured and it built up to a completed drawing in logical steps, which gave us useful tips and shortcuts to achieve the end result.  Wendy was professional throughout and took the time to help people if they couldn’t grasp the concept.  She also allowed those with more experience to develop at their pace by challenging them with extra work. It was also clear that Wendy had worked in engineering and knew how to communicate with engineers. We could see that her depth of knowledge was impressive. Equally it was nice to chat socially during the breaks and get to know her. I recommend Anode training and have booked to do the intermediate course, too.’

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